PRO Message


Designation : PRO, Chairman: PRO, PUBLICITY

I.M.Number : 2885413


Mobile : 9831079968

Dear Members,

Gratified and honored, I first thank our President Lion Bimal Kumar Jain from the best bottom of my heart for he has selected me as the PRO of the Lions Club. It is his dicision that has linked me up with such an important, motivational task, the making of the Membership Roster.

The Roster can be said an informational directory of the members across the city. As I received the task, it appeared to me no doubt interesting, but also full of provocative test of my abilities: Roster was supposed to be a kind of information-bank, a handy opportunity of getting almost all the primary data, that is, the personal notes and information connected with the lions. It always gives you some priceless grandeur while a massive journey is ready to embrace you with your position important inside the journey. Attuned to the waves of roaring from all of the lions, I have no dearth of feel that the task I'hv been given does not only carry the honor of such a powerful group, but also a culminated form of emotional value. A PRO's job deep within its base cosists of a Relational Impact that is a must for the best connotation that the Lions' family can expect. Roster is a relational agenda that we should see as one of the grounded pillars of team-work. A Roster's motto is just not being technically sound, but also filled in the resonances of enlivening, everlasting fraternity.

In the end, as a PRO I put my request before all the Lions: that I would remain grateful to all you Lions, had I been given or shown any and every chance of rectification, wherever and whenever needed during our continual journey. That to place also put my apology if some technical mistake has been slipped into seriality inadvertently done by me.

Additionally it is also great pleasure to let all your lions be informed that we have already been in the process of launching the digitalised format of Membership Roster in this Lionistic Year.

Thanking You,
Lion Anand Kedia,
Public Relation Officer.